Can you stop on your own from being attracted towards the opposite sex? So what is our initial action when you try to please the person that you are drawn in in the direction of? Everyone like to tease whenever we find any kind of chance around us. It can be your institution, college, your workplace as well as can be any type of various other place. At most common parties for Christmas, New Year as well as wedding ceremonies, teasing is anticipated. Everyone desires to please an attractive individual of contrary sex. All events let persons of both sexes to appreciate and share the pleasures of flirting as well as move outside the cleared up borders of our social structures. It is quite great to tease at celebrations but there are some codes of ethics also to flirt at events as well. There are particular ideas to be followed for teasing; one must constantly attempt to flirt at the area which is friendly as well as healthy and balanced for teasing. You can not start teasing at church or at the funeral of a person since one must not neglect the basic mannerism and also social principles. Just follow your heart and also try healthy teasing, you will be pleased by the experiences that you will have.