The West of Ireland is usually viewed as a hotspot for Chicken do’s and Stag do’s, where men and women choose one last huge hurrah before their days of being ‘Single’ pertained to an end. If none of the above are to the taste of visitors to the City, there are dozens of bars, clubs and restaurants that will be to their liking. The question, whats on in Galway will have various responses, depending if it a stag or chicken celebration visiting Galway. For a Hen Event Galway will give multiple areas beauty salons, health spas and restaurants to treat a glass of wine and dine themselves. Galway is popular for songs of all types. Each year, the panicle of the Celebration season is the Galway Races. This time of year also brings a great deal of stag and chicken celebration to Galway. The character and atmosphere developed by the people of Galway ensure that any site visitors are provided a cozy welcome and many individuals go to repeatedly!.